Osprey Outfitter's Policy Regarding Life Jackets And Children

Safety is our first priority.

Every individual must wear one of our class V PDFs for the entirety of their trip regardless of age or level of experience. There are no exceptions to this rule!

We recognize that every child is different in terms of physical and mental development, therefore our policy is:

In order for a child to participate in any guided trip offered by Osprey Outfitters LLC, that child must fit the following criteria:

  • For our purposes a child is any individual under the age of 18.

  • The child must be accompanied by a parent or a legally appointed guardian or chaperone.

  • This parent / guardian must read and sign a copy of our waiver for each and every child.

  • A child must be able to wear a Class V PFD provided by Osprey Outfitters LLC

Said life jacket must fit according to the criteria posted by the OSMB

"With the jacket on, raise your arms as though signaling a touchdown. If when looking to the left, right and over the shoulder, the chest part of the jacket doesn’t hit the chin, the device probably fits. A good test for children is to have a child stand normally, arms at sides. Grab the life jacket at the shoulders and firmly lift up. If you can move the life jacket more than three inches up and down the child’s body, it doesn’t fit."

"A life jacket that doesn’t fit could endanger the wearer as much as not wearing one.

The PFD’s we currently use for both children and adults are the NRS Big Water V PFD for adults and the NRS Big Water V Youth PFD for children. Sizing charts are available by clicking on the appropriate link.

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Osprey Outfitters policy regarding life jackets and children

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