The Basic Rundown on: Fishing License, Tags and C.R.E.

  • In order to fish in the state of Oregon, you must possess a current valid fishing license.

  • In order to retain Steelhead or Salmon you must possess a current valid fishing license as well as a current valid harvest tag or a combined harvest tag.

  • In order to fish on the McKenzie or Willamette you must possess a current valid Columbia river Basin Endorsement on your fishing license.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us or use the links below to the ODFW page on fishing license, tags, and the Columbia river endorsement.

Fishing License / Tag Information, Requirements, and Cost.

Columbia River Basin Endorsement Information and Cost.

The Basic Rundown on: Keeping your catch.

  • Not only can every river can be different, but different sections of the river may also have different rules on limits.
  • The other consideration on keeping your catch is seasonal restrictions.
  • Your guide will know the limits, rules, and restrictions for your trip.

If you wish to know what the seasonal limits are for your trip, contact us or you can find the information in the links below.

Fishing e-regulations

Willamette Zone Regulations

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Licensing, Tags, Limits,  & Legal Considerations

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